State of postgraduate education and its future

The postgraduate medical education is at an inflection point, which is swayed by recurrent waves of pandemic, which have not only cast uncertainty, but also insecurity about many phenomena around us. Even in the absence of the pandemic scourge, there has been a constant influx of complexity into the world order, as it confronted globalisation […]

Blending Online Tools for Teaching Innovations

The emergence of COVID 19 pandemic has ushered in, a disruptive influence on our teaching practices, by compelling us to look beyond the conventional approaches to teaching – learning. Though a welcome development, there is a lurking risk of trivialisation of the potentially liberating option. The migration to digital platforms must be tempered with a […]

Reflections on Teachers Day

It is an often-heard comment that teaching is a noble profession. Noble could mean aristocratic, dignified, righteous, self-sacrificing among other things. On the whole, it gives a splash of elitism to the expression. Are we to assume that teachers are a distinct breed and all of them carry a homogenous trait of nobility? Well if […]